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About CodeEMR

CodeEMR is a leading provider of multi-specialty, virtual medical coding and auditing services for medical practices, hospitals, health systems, and community health centers.

CodeEMR’s experienced AAPC-certified coders review and modify codes per MDM (medical decision-making) to ensure compliance, speed reimbursement, and capture revenue.

More than 400 medical practices, urgent care centers, community health centers, and multi-disciplinary health systems nationwide depend on CodeEMR’s remote medical coders for their accuracy, compliance, and quick turnaround.

Why CodeEMR?

  • Deep industry expertise: Our coders stay ahead of the curve with the latest regulations and best practices.
  •  Advanced coding technology: We utilize intelligent platforms for accuracy, efficiency, and scalability.
  • Proactive denial management: We identify and address potential issues before they turn into denials.
  • Multi-specialty coding: We understand the complex requirements for assigning accurate codes for medical procedures across specialties.

More Than Coding

CodeEMR is a subsidiary of ScribeEMR, a leading provider of virtual medical scribing, virtual medical coding, and virtual medical office services for medical practices, hospitals and health systems.

Our dedicated teams provide customized solutions to help improve practice efficiency, maximize revenue, and reduce provider burnout.

Our highly trained, HIPAA-compliant staff works with more than 80 EMR platforms, which include many medical specialties.

The synergy we provide ─ including remote coders, scribes, and medical office assistants ─ helps medical professionals produce the best possible medical documentation and clear backlogs without taking work home.

ScribeEMR, and CodeEMR, continues to innovate and expand its services to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

Transform your medical coding operations

Outsourcing medical coding services with CodeEMR ensures experienced remote medical coders will always be available to keep charts moving forward for improved revenue cycle management.

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