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Why CodeEMR?

CodeEMR’s Medical Coding Solutions Gain Optimal Reimbursement.

Is inaccurate coding stealing your reimbursement potential?

CodeEMR’s experienced, AAPC-certified coders review and modify codes according to medical decision making to ensure compliance, accelerate reimbursement, and capture more revenue.

CodeEMR Understands Coding Challenges

  • Under coding the full scope of care affects reimbursement
  • Undercapturing patient complexity affects care
  • Under educated coders require more on-the-job training

Our Medical Coding Solutions Ensure Accuracy to Improve Revenue

  • Near 98% accuracy rate ─ Our team is meticulous about assigning the correct medical codes to avoid compliance issues and capture accurate reimbursement
  • <2% denial rate ─ We analyze coding denial trends and patterns to improve workflow and achieve higher claim approval rates

Rapid Turnaround

  • 24-hour turnaround ─ Remote coders complete charts within 24 hours after provider sign off
  • Clear 100% of backlogs ─ CodeEMR regularly reviews, monitors, and measures workflow and accuracy

Go Live in 3-5 Days

  • Seamless project implementation, from discovery to go live in 3-5 business days
  • Robust measures minimize interruptions in medical coding services
  • Focus on coding precision and regulations alleviates challenges of training new staff
  • Attention to detail delivers up to 4x ROI over initial cost over 12-months


  • Capture workflow details/Discovery
  • Technical Setup:
    • Login credentials
    • Ensure adequate
    • EMR access
    • Report access in EMR
  • Contact person:
    • Technical
    • Non-Technical
Prior to Go-Live
Installation and testing
  • Install required software, setup file
  • Train coder and on the application procedures and practices
  • Create Operational workflow
  • Share best practices
  • CodeEMR contact info
Day 0: <3 business days from workflow sign-off
Project Kickoff Shadowing
  • Introduction
  • Shadow the Coder: 
    • Coding
    • QC Process
    • Workflow
    • Expectations
  • Attempt to complete 10-30 charts (mutually agreed)
  • Feedback and suggestions
1 - 2 business days
  • CodeEMR begins coding
  • Provide coding rationale on coding changes and recommendations
  • Initiate RAI for providers to complete any incomplete notes, signature
  • Daily work completion status
Go-Live + 2 business days

Auditing for optimal ROI

  • Our auditing team, experienced in multi-specialty coding on multiple applications/EMRs, identifies revenue leakage from undercoding
  • CodeEMR identifies documentation deficiencies that endanger compliance
  • Proactive denial management identifies and addresses potential issues before they turn into denials

Data Integrity

  • All coded claims are tracked in our internal “Medcode” application to avoid the risk of losing data captured and maintained in spreadsheets
  • Comprehensive HIPAA training and SOC type 2 compliance ensure security systems are in place for maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of customer data
Transform your medical coding operations

Outsourcing medical coding services with CodeEMR ensures experienced remote medical coders will always be available to keep charts moving forward for improved revenue cycle management.

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