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Excelsior Orthopaedics is a comprehensive musculoskeletal center offering a broad range of medical and clinical expertise in general orthopedic evaluation and treatment, physical and occupational therapy, neck and spine care, Sports Medicine, hand and foot care, and shoulder and elbow management, etc. Excelsior Orthopedics was founded on the belief that every patient deserves to receive care that does more than fixing a problem.


Practice Challenges

  • Difficulty documenting patient visits in a newly installed electronic medical records (EMR) program
  • Entering overwhelmingly detailed information to meet HRSA guidelines took away from patient interactions
  • Keeping up with charting after patient visits (and often after hours) added to the practice’s already full workload
  • Backlogs, and other inefficiencies, impacted quality of care and reimbursements Continues need to post vacancy ads, canvassing, interviewing, and hiring the qualified experienced candidates.
  • Solution

  • Excelsior Orthopedics contracted ScribeEMR’s remote medical scribe services to document visits in real time, reduce workload, and address other inefficiencies
  • Onboarding ScribeEMRtook only days, with a dedicated project manager assigned within 24 hours.
  • Results

  • Excelsior no longer relies solely on their primary on-site coders as ScribeEMR augments the Excelsior coding team. And ScribeEMR is able to help manage the increasing coding workload.
  • ScribeEMR manages the training of their medical coders on Excelsior coding guidelines to ensure coding according to Excelsior policies.
  • Streamlined A/R cycle – faster reimbursement.
  • Increased reimbursement through accurate, compliant coding.
  • Enhanced client satisfaction, as coders at ScribeEMR are well versed with the recent updates in E/M guidelines and ICD10 and CPT codes.

    "It has always been a challenge to hire skilled, experienced professionals for accurate and timely coding and billing. ScribeEMR has tackled this issue very well. Their organized approach and willingness to put in concerted efforts have helped us streamline our A/R cycles, resulting in faster reimbursements. We are now managing our medical coding and billing workload much more effectively with the ability to complete everything within a week."
    Pam Larkin
    Excelsior Orthopaedic Group
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