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Risk Adjustment Coding Services

CodeEMR efficiently captures and codes all aspects of complex cases to precisely document multiple medical conditions.

Our Approach

While the healthcare landscape is transitioning to a value-based care model, the burden of financial responsibility is shifting from payers to providers. To be successful in this changing environment, provider organizations must enhance documentation, align evidence, and improve coding quality to maximize reimbursement.

CodeEMR’s Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding services can positively impact your financial performance, enabling better cost forecasting and increased patient satisfaction among high-risk populations.

CodeEMR’s team of certified risk adjustment coders use proven procedures and advanced workflow technologies to heighten physician engagement and focus on each patient encounter with unparalleled attention to detail.

CodeEMR’s risk adjustment coders review and code using these types of reviews

Retrospective Review -

Reveals a myriad of overlooked diagnoses and other issues commonly hidden in secondary reports and other supporting documentation.

Concurrent Review -

Aims to ensure documentation is thorough and integrates all diagnoses and evidence into both patient records and claim submissions.

Prospective Review -

Helps physicians prepare for patient encounters with “clinical indicator” clues from available sources that strongly suggest an underlying, unreported condition.

Our Risk Adjustment Coding Services

Our well-trained staff excels in risk adjustment coding for intricate cases, utilizing HCC coding to secure precise Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scoring and reimbursements for patients with chronic conditions.

Trust CodeEMR coders to:

  • Adhere to industry standards by verifying risk-adjusted codes and documentation
  • Perform the highest level of diagnostic coding with a focus on accuracy
  • Confirm medical records are accurate and complete, in accordance with HCC guidelines

Unmatched Insight and Expertise

Leading healthcare institutions nationwide rely on our extensively trained specialists for their proven track record promoting precision, expediting reimbursement processes, and safeguarding against revenue loss.

Optimize Revenue

Count on CodeEMR to accurately document patient data, conditions, and coding to the highest specificity to secure correct reimbursement for the level of care provided.

Better Data Quality

Address under coding and over coding with specificity that provides a complete picture of a patient’s health, and supports diagnoses that map to HCC codes to reduce claim denial.

Follow Coding Guidelines

CodeEMR coders select the most precise ICD codes in the diagnosis hierarchy that comply with CMS and regulatory requisites to avoid audits and penalties.

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Comprehensive Coding Services to Streamline Your Revenue Cycle

Facility Coding Services

CodeEMR understands the dynamics of facility coding and how to apply CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM codes to procedures and services performed there.

Pro Fee Coding Services

CodeEMR’s highly skilled workforce specializes in professional fee (pro-fee) coding, with a remarkable 98% accuracy rate and a 3-4x ROI..

Coding Audit Services

Our comprehensive coding audits instill confidence, with valuable insights for ensuring compliance and achieving optimal ROI per claim.

Transform your medical coding operations

Outsourcing medical coding services with CodeEMR ensures experienced remote medical coders will always be available to keep charts moving forward for improved revenue cycle management.

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